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If You Are Considering Adoption, We Have Resources That Can Help

AdoptionWorks is a licensed Texas adoption agency. With more than 40 years of experience, we:

  • Provide free online resources to families considering adoption
  • Find qualified, loving, Christian families for children who are available for adoption, and take care of managing the process
  • Assist couples who want to adopt children, domestically and internationally
  • Are licensed to place children up to 17 years of age

Our experienced, expert staff wants to help you by providing free online resources through our AdoptionWorks Resource Center. These resources are specifically designed to help you navigate the process of adoption and give you the information that you need to take the next step. And the best part—it's completely free..

You may also contact us directly to get answers to your questions. Please contact Heather at to help guide you through the adoption process.

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Featured Resources

Featured Resources Include:

  • Initial Steps for Potential Adoptive Parents
  • Positive Adoption Language
  • Ways to Cultivate Bonding and Attachment
  • Why Bonding and Attachment Is so Important

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”The resources on the site provide useful information, and especially help clarify the sometimes intimidating adoption process.”
Clarence from Cedar Hill, TX
ChristianWorks for Children